Is Google Stadia the Netflix, or the Google Plus of Gaming?

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More than anything, it seems Google is more concerned with Stadia creating "a bigger opportunity" for the industry at large than trying to supplant other platforms.

Moreover, with all the computational heavy-work done by Google's servers instead of a games console, user's will not need to purchase a gaming box that sits under the TV, theoretically liberating video games from hardware altogether.

In an interview with Kotaku, Google VP Phil Harrison said 30 megabits per second will be the recommended limit for streaming games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. It will allow players to stream their games onto almost any screen, ranging from phones and tablets to tvs and laptops. Although id promised Doom Eternal during the keynote, the company had nothing to show off - nor did any of the other 100+ studios that Google says have its Stadia developer kit.

Keen-eyed gamers who watched Google's announcement of its new Stadia game streaming service on Tuesday will surely have noticed a tribute to historic video game lore.

‘We all found out by tweet’: Trump’s Golan Heights surprise
The ministry also said Damascus is now more intent on liberating the Golan, "using every possible means". It did not change "the reality that the Golan was and will remain Syrian, Arab", the source said.

Will cross-platform play be available in every game?

The controller connects through Wi-Fi directly to the game running in the Google data center.

It's most directly associated with the game "Contra" developed and published by Konami in 1987 on video arcade machines. All the rendering part of the games will be done in the Google Cloud with the specialized AMG Graphics. A feature in Stadia called Crowd Play is responsible for that.

If Stadia takes off, the way we access and view gaming will change: the streaming technology challenges companies such as Sony, who are rumoured to be releasing their fifth PlayStation console in 2020, 7 years after the release of the PS4. But even if Walmart is working on this, it may well be a while before it launches its service.

Google is aware that Stadia won't be an option for everyone on launch day, especially in countries where average connection speed still lags far behind.



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