The Pretty in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch

Source Rosa el Youssef

Statistics provided by state that for every two women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of the disease. "It has meant a great deal to our organization".

The hashtag #55000Reasons is a campaign by Breast Cancer Now on twitter to allow those affected by the disease to share their reasons to why it is fundamental for breast cancer services to receive funding by the NHS. So she was shocked when, just six weeks later, her doctor found a ridge under her right breast. People still lack information yet they need this if they are to beat the deadly ailment.

"The symptoms hardly manifest early on, which is why I thought screening was not necessary. They had the idea and outlook of 'OK, I have to get out and it's a temporary thing and I can finish and I can go on with the rest of my life'".

Every woman is potentially at risk of getting breast cancer.

For any patient, understanding the genetics and history is very important, warns Mugaba.

The Pink Caravan has reached out with free medical check-ups and screenings for more than 56,000 people across the UAE, detected several malignancies and supported the treatment of many patients who have battled and overcome the disease. While some cancers progress quickly, there are people who live for years after a diagnosis. However, this is only possible if the abnormal gene, BRCA1, was passed down to you.

Age is another risk factor as the gynecologist points out. Risk factors that can not be changed are gender; age; race; family history; personal health history; early menstruation; and late menopause (after 55). The fire chief said his mother was a breast cancer survivor and that numerous firefighters in the department have family members or friends who have dealt with breast cancer. That extra tissue is the same shade of white as lesions or tumors on an X-ray, rendering mammography on dense breasts only 62 to 68 percent effective.

Diane Kabarungi a midwife at Oshen King Faisal says since it's evident that breast cancer cases are rising and that it is upon the public to be aware of this.

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To sign up, call Nau at 516-877-4314.

She no longer participates in breast cancer events, but has found refuge in private Facebook groups for women with stage IV.

"After visualizing, you palpate your breasts when lying or sitting down".

Oh, here's a video too so you can see how to do self-exams properly. "Do this in a circular motion down to the lower part of the breast and make sure you cover the whole breast", she says.

Together, we can find a cure for this awful disease.

Dr. Linda Rabeneck, vice president of prevention and cancer control at Cancer Care Ontario, said in a release that there has been a "considerable decrease in the death rate from breast cancer in women ages 50 to 74" since 1990.

"I noticed something green spilled on the front of my shirt, I didn't think anything of it - until I tried to take it off and realised it was stuck to my nipple", says Hall. There is mastectomy where the entire breast is removed. She says these survivors are at higher risk for developing melanoma. Osman also explained that certain lifestyles can put someone at a higher risk.

While some women may fear that the radiation used to take mammogram X-rays could cause cancer to appear or spread, Matthiesen said there is no evidence to support that claim.



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