Uma Thurman Shares Intimate Details About Harvey Weinstein Assault

Uma Thurman claims Harvey Weinstein exposed himself to her and tried to force himself on her on at least two occasions. She also alleges misconduct by the director Quentin Tarantino with whom she is commonly associated with thanks to their iconic collabor

Uma Thurman has finally told the story of what happened between her, Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino, and Miramax she alluded to in a chilling moment during a red carpet interview a year ago.

"I used the word "anger" but I was more anxious about crying, to tell you the truth", she told The New York Times's Maureen Dowd in an interview published online Saturday in which she details an alleged attack by Weinstein, and discussed a fraught relationship with frequent collaborator Quentin Tarantino.

Thurman said she had got to know the now-disgraced Hollywood mogul and his first wife, Eve following the release of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. He tried to shove himself on me.

The New York Times article includes comments from Weinstein through a spokesman admitting he had propositioned Thurman but denied threatening her career.

Thurman also said there was another incident, which she did not discuss with New York Times except to say the encounter left the actress "shaking". A Weinstein spokesperson confirmed to the Times that he had done this.

Back in November, Uma Thurman called the women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein "commendable", and said that she was "waiting to feel less angry" before sharing her own story.

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According to Thurman, she was asked to do the driving in the famous scene of her in Kill Bill but was tipped off by a crewmember that the vehicle might not be working well. "The complicated feeling I have about Harvey is how bad I feel about all the women that were attacked after I was", she told Dowd. "There was no physical contact during Mr. Weinstein's awkward pass and Mr. Weinstein is saddened and puzzled as to "why" Ms. Thurman, someone he considers a colleague and a friend, waited 25 years to make these allegations public, noting that he and Ms. Thurman have shared a very close and mutually beneficial working relationship where they have made several very successful film projects together", the statement said.

Uma Thurman emotionally describes Harvey Weinstein's alleged abuses and claims Quentin Tarantino failed to protect her from a stunt crash. While filming Kill Bill, the star of the film was asked to drive the convertible from the famous scene where she kills Bill. "Not that it matters now, with my permanently damaged neck and my screwed-up knees". Herman says Thurman told her at the time that Weinstein had threatened her career during the meeting.

"Ms. Thurman's statements to The Times are being carefully examined and investigated before deciding whether any legal action against her would be appropriate", the new statement, issued Saturday afternoon, reads.

"He did all kinds of unpleasant things", she said. "What really got me about the crash was that it was a cheap shot". Not long afterward, Weinstein attempted to force himself on her again at the Savoy Hotel in London, Thurman said. I thought he was being super idiosyncratic, like this was your kooky, eccentric uncle ... then I followed him through a door and it was a steam room. The actress clarified her feelings in Saturday's piece in the The Times, saying, "I used the word "anger" but I was more anxious about crying, to tell you the truth". She recalls, "The steering wheel was at my belly and my legs were jammed under me..." "When they turned on me after the accident", she told Dowd, "I went from being a creative contributor and performer to being like a broken tool".

"Personally, it has taken me 47 years to stop calling people who are mean to you "in love" with you", she continued.



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