Google to Tighten the Standard for Showing Ads on YouTube

Google is modifying the prerequisites for having a commercial You Tube channel

With the new change in policy, YouTubers need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time over the past twelve months to be eligible for monetization or custom thumb nails on videos. The policy in question features a controversial change to its monetization system and feeds growing concerns about the way YouTube treats it's content creators.

These requirements are now in place for new applicants to the YouTube Partner Program, and will be enforced for existing members as of February 20, 2018.

"Using these thresholds we will be able to better understand what users are making a positive contribution to the development of our community and help them earn advertising more", - say representatives of the company.

However, it was apparent that the major changes mostly affected new creators.

Japanese public TV says staffer sent missile alert in error
Ige said that he had requested the ability to test the mobile alert system, but the effort had been "blocked nationwide". That's a good thing, given that the former manual process required a full 38 minutes for a correction to be released.

In a blog post for creators, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan and chief business officer Robert Kyncl noted that "2017 marked a tough year for many of you, with several issues affecting our community and the revenue earned from advertising through the YouTube Partner Program".

To put it simply, YouTube wants to stifle out small content creators from the pool, allowing a cash flow that circulates between channels with a high, subscriber loyalty. Theoretically, that will make it easier for YouTube to catch bad actors who aren't there to build up an audience but manipulate other users or spread false information. These manual reviews are expected to be completed by mid-February in the U.S., and by the end of March in all other markets where Google Preferred is offered.

(Neowin) Following the Logan Paul suicide forest controversy a couple of weeks ago, YouTube has come under fire for improperly vetting its content.

The downfall from the upload has been massive, and now everybody is feeling it. Google announced changes coming to Youtube regarding monetization. YouTube responded by removing Paul from Google Preferred and putting all of his original projects on hold. Furthermore, vloggers like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, though with a significantly less celebrity breed, still lurk around with their harmful politics - and YouTube still continues to amplifying their voices. Even super popular Youtuber pewdiepie was penalized by google for his right wing views.Without ad revenue many small youtubers will have to stop making videos and their opinions and views will be silenced. "But we know that we need to make more efforts to make sure that their value and ads match", YouTube said.



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