SF/F Saturday: Women Can Be Doctors Too

TV & Movies After BBC gender pay gap revealed first female Dr Who WILL earn same as male predecessor- here's how much

The Doctor Who panel will be led by Peter Capaldi, who makes his second and last appearance at Comic-Con as he prepares to exit the role of the Twelfth Doctor in this year's Christmas Special. In a supposed interview with the Daily Star, he said, "I think it might be quite nice to have a woman" but also added, "You just test it".

If you'd hoped that Jodie Whittaker would be able to play the first female Time Lord without catching flack from men, well, you were wrong (but I appreciate your optimism!).

It was there the showrunner opened up about the show's so-called backlash against Jodie Whittaker, the actress cast as the 13th Doctor.

Continuing, Moffat said, "Doctor Who fans are more excited by the fact that there's going to be a brilliant actress playing the part than the fact that she's a woman".

"I think people are forgetting the fi bit of sci-fi, it's fiction".

And it has been confirmed she will receive the same salary as Peter Capaldi, who plays the outgoing Doctor.

Dylan Redwine's father arrested in connection with boy's death
During another search, on August 5, 2013, a K9 was introduced into the suspect's home to find more clues into the boy's death. At the time, Mark Redwine said he believed his son was abducted while walking to his friend's house.

Conveniently, the show's sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, was present and willing to respond to Davison's doubts. Baker called Davison's remarks "absolute rubbish", remarking that the fans have "had 50 years of having a [male] role model".

A pair of Doctors Who set the Tardis for Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday, arguably to talk about the new streaming service where all of the classic-era "Doctor Who" series are available, but you can probably guess what everyone, journalists and Time Lords alike, wanted to talk about.

First: if this is really what you're concerned about, let me assure you that boys growing up today are in no danger of being unable to find a male role model.

He went on and asked the fans to "give it a chance" and wait until they see Whittaker take on the iconic character. His words about the decision were full of positivity; he spoke of how in that universe it is perfectly possible that the Doctor would regenerate in female form but also of how he supported the producers in making that choice.

Unfortunately, BBC America did not take the opportunity to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the historical casting and Whittaker was absent from the panel.

She will be expected to smarten up when she emerges from the TARDIS.


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