Pokémon Go Finally Has Legendary Pokémon

Chester transformed by Pokémon GO heritage festival

Multiple Pokemon Go Raids are now underway in the Fest area, including new Legendary, Lugia. Other ticket holders bemoaned long lines outside Chicago's Grant Park, which they said kept them waiting long after the event had kicked off and caused them to miss significant goings-on.

According to the Chicago Tribune, thousands of Pokemon fans traveled to Chicago for Saturday's much-anticipated Pokemon Go Fest. The wildly popular AR mobile game will finally be adding in the legendary Pokémon Lugia and Articuno. "It has been a really unfortunate situation".

Niantic says Pokemon Go has been downloaded 750 million times. "Although we were able to solve numerous technical issues, we were not able to offer every attendee a great experience".

Niantic's chief marketing officer addressed the crowd to boos in the late morning, citing three specific problems that rendered attendees unable to access the game. In the game, Raid Battles are both luck and numbers and the player would want to have the best strategy to defeat this powerful monster.

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It was also revealed that Team Mystic made the most contribution to the challenges today, so the next Legendary launch will be Articuno.

If the trainers at the festival manage to defeat the legendary Pokemon, it will start appearing in raid battles around the world, after the festival. Although there has been some confusion about this, it appears that the legendaries are going to be available in Raid Battles from now on, whereas it's the bonuses that are only going to last until Monday.

And while it was technical difficulties that deflated Niantic's grand Pokemon plans, it wasn't for the reason many organizers had warned: the weather.



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