Don’t talk trash about the new Jump Street

This is too any person that even thinks about saying that this film is just another terrible “teeny popper  comedy” movie has clearly never watched it. It is hands down the most meta flipping movie I have ever seen in my life. As well as all that it has got some sweet special cameos in it too as well, but wait….. there is more. If that’s not enough for you the ending probably has the best ending credits scene in existence.  

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What is How To Train Your Dragon 2 all about then?

The film starts set a whole five years after the previous film finishes and you can watch how to train your dragon 2 online at

This time round though the latest story vastly expands the world the characters live in and the characters from the book which the first film was largely based on. The awkward teen Hiccup (also has an awkward name) now has grown up into a handsome young chap set to succeed his dominant father Stoick who is chief of their village Berk but there is difficulties to making this happen. Too many unlived experiences still remain forcing the adventure seeking chap to live every spare moment away from his home. Anybody not too familiar with the film shouldn’t worry because the nerdy now handsome Hiccup narrates an epic opening sequence that seems to explain things. How To Train Your Dragon 2 also now has a new sport that I’ve heard is similar to Harry Potter’s quidditch but instead it has dragons and stuff.


My First Review – 22 Jump Street

Here are some of my thoughts on 22 Jump Street. I think that one of the big marketing points for 21 Jump Street was that the film seemed so unplanned and if I dare say so. Crazy! The way it put Channing and big Jonah in dumb police uniforms and made them play out on their characters dumbness. Tatum and Hill are an unlikely but brilliant duo. Jenko played by Tatum plays the spacey jock with no many worries at all about falling back into high-school life, evidentially very happy to re live the best years of his life one more time. Schmidt played by Jonah however was the awkward but smart nerd who probably unfortunately had experienced being slammed into lockers many times. Their contrast in personalities does eventually force into a friendship and this results in us watching them argue throughout which as you can imagine results some funny stuff! If you like this sound of this you can purchase the 22 jump street rental.22 jump street poster